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Where did it go?!

Seriously, where is it??

My bedroom- check

My diary- check

My laptop- check

My accessories- check

My friends- check

My family- check

I have checked almost everywhere.. Even in my kitchen. :\ Sounds odd, but i am searching for it like crazy. WHERE ARE YOU!

My lovely cute and a bit weird smile, i miss you.Β  Where are you?
Ah, great. Just got scolded by my dad. 5 seconds ago.

Cherry on the cake.

Even Ali (my only nephew, the cuuutest kid in the world; who is at our place today, is sleeping. IΒ  wish he wakes up soon. ‘coz his funny little phrases will surely be enough to bring back my.. Smile.

*sniff sniff* I was laughing so much this morning. Had a pleasant morning too. Had ALOT of fun while playing with Ali, also got myself beaten by this little monster. And guess what? By a rolling pin ( our traditional belan). Made parathas with him. Got my bedspread painted with ketchup and rasmalai by him.

And since 4 hours, I have been slowly going into a sad-4-no-reason zone. I hate it.

My dear smile,
Come back soon. Or else i will start shedding tears.


24 thoughts on “Where did it go?!

  1. It’s right beneath your nose =) Say CHEESE!
    You see, right here it was! It never went anywhere. You just stopped paying lift to your own smile by being gandi wandi bachi :/

  2. @ Spotless soul:
    Weeeeeeeeeehh!! ^_^
    I found it!! I found it!!
    It found me!

    and your ‘danda’ just scared the gandi wali bachi SO much that she vanished..and so,my smile came back!

    (: (: (:

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