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Did that rhyme? :D

At times something just turns the straight line on your face into a curve, and you unknowingly smile. The reasons might be lame, but the moments are a treasure. I was talking to this new friend of mine, a person with quite a jolly personality, who is unfortunately suffering from a love fever, and needs a love guru i guess.. 😛 or some antibiotics and antipyretics would work too.. I wish they do,and he/she gets well soon. 😀

So we were having a little conversation, and that certain someone asked me about how his/her blog was blessed by my presence 😉 And the chit chat kept on going, a little editions are made to keep it to-the-point. Please laugh, coz its meant to be funny. (according to him/her :P)

Certain someone (CS): my blog is not famous

me: Achaww?

CS: i just got 16 followers,

me: i got none!

CS: u do

And so, both of us extended a heartiest congrats to each other for coming up with such a million dollar rhyme. 😀

NOTE TO READER: All sorts of weirdest laughs are acceptable. But please, laugh. 😀

OOOOhh by the way, to unveil the mystery behind this happy go lucky ‘his/her’,
you need to visit his/her’s blog, and do check out his/her’s photography skills,they are commendable!


12 thoughts on “Did that rhyme? :D

  1. @captureuniverse:
    i so really agree with you! They just come into your way, like a blessing from the Creator.. Just like you don’t search for love, but fall in love. I guess friendship also flourishes when two friends find each other,not search for each other.

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