Dont know why exactly i am posting this, but i am.. :/

I had never heard a crowd applaud that loud. Well, to be honest, the last time I actually heard a crowd applaud for someone LIVE was last year, when Pakistan won the T20 championship against the undefeated champions Australia. That was the only memory I can recall of people screaming to the top of their voices, and colours of merriness could be heard in their high pitched screams. But I can swear upon God,I had NEVER, trust me with this, NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE heard such a big crowd applaud for none other than me. Oh, did you notice? ME!! Jeez I feel so overwhelmed! Finally any of my efforts didn’t end in vain but actually proved to be fruitful! I had impressed someone! Umm, not exactly some ONE but some hundreds of students who were still waving their hands towards me. The ones in whose groups I had always tried to fit in.Fortunately I never did. Still, it feels like a chocolate lava cake-just-for-me sort of a feeling. What you have always wanted-okay,might not be what is good for you- still,what you run for, and get nothing, and suddenly you come into a limelight and EVERYONE you wished to be friends with is now running for you. Wow! Love this feeling!

I was almost lost in my deep dream-come-true smile when Anusha hit me on the elbow. Ouch, that hurts.

“ Ayzaaa!! Dream later on, now start singing!”

“ Huh?” I stared at her with absolutely no idea of what did she just say. Uh oh, time for bubye-my-dream-i-will-come-soon because I was just dragged out of my little fantasy world by the front row of the audience screaming “once more!” “once more!” Woaahhh, I am a rockstar baby! I turned back with absolutely no clue as to where my introvert and shy soul had hid itself. But whatever, I wish it stays hidden wherever it is and never come back to me.

“Ready girls?”

“ As always!” Anusha and Momal shared glances and uttered exactly at the same time.

With a colgate-smile on my face,I turned to the audience with my microphone on.

“  today is? “ I started off with the song we wrote last night. The song that had made me win hearts just minutes earlier. The song that made me step out of my shell. And to my surprise, small groups of people raised their hands in started moving them in a wave-like pattern and finished the lyrics.

“ Gonna be a gooooddd daaayyy..”

“ Woooooooooohhh..!! I love you all!”  was all I could reply. And so we started again.

“ You go girl!! 1, 2, 3, hit it!” Momal, as always, boosted my confidence.

Today’s gonna be a good day
I’ve felt this all my way
tomorrow would be even better
that’s all I wanted to say.

So what? If challenges come
that’s what brings spice in life
they dun’ know em a daredevil
if I dun have a sword, I’ll fight with a knife!

So what? If I go wrong
and the picture doesn’t seem so bright,
I will give it one more try.
And fix the things, back to right.

So what? If they say NO
I know that I can do!
I’m the one whose in the field
I can win this,AND I can win that too!

So what? If they say im not smart enough
Atleast im facing what they’re not
who knows if they’d be in my place
with problems as such,they couldn’t have fought.

But I can..
coz I believe..

Today’s gonna be a good day..
a good day..
a gooood, a good, a goooood dayyy..

Yaaay yee yayaa..!

“ Thanks guys! Donate generously!” that’s all what the three of us said, and headed to the backstage.

“ Weeeeeeeeeeee!! We did it! We did it! We did it!! “ with my eyes shut,I murmured. And then was time for our group hug.

“  Baray baray log! Aj tou bas chha gaye! Im sooo proud of you! “

Momo  was  SO excited she had almost put my eardrum in a serious damage.

“  Nothing could have possible without you two. Honestly I love you both more than anything in this whole wide world!! “

“ what are friends for sweety?”  And Anusha stared at me with her usual listen-and-nod-and-agree-to-whatever-i-say-or-else-my-eyes-will-pop-out look. 😀 God, that look scares everyone in her social circle. I wonder how she does that. All I knew then was that her look is so fake, because she is so not angry, not even a least bit of the Anusha I know. I gave her a crooked smile, and said,

“ Umm, how would I know? I don’t have any.”

Momal’s mouth fell open, and Anusha was still processing the data I had input through her ears.

“ What? Stop staring at me. Lemme finish na.”

Momal raised her eyebrow and frowned a little. Just a little. But she looked completely hilarious. As if someone had presented a bowl of boiled earthworms for breakfast. Eew, okay, that’s really gross. But exactly describes her facial expressions.

“ Dumboz! I don’t have any…friends. But I have the bessssteesssst friends anyone can get!”

And we bursted into a roar of laughter . I could feel the happiness in Annu’sand Momo’s eyes. And I bet they felt the adrenaline rush through my veins when I first stepped on the stage. All I can say is, lucky to have such friends.


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