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Wipe the tear and smile.. =)

At certain times in life, you feel betrayed. All what you had done for others seems meaningless. Great efforts, yet no fruitful results. 😦

Today i was reminiscing over a similar experience, and came across this video, again. It has been my anti-depressant pill since months, and today as well, it miraculously dragged me away from the stress zone i was drowning in.

Have a look, and forgive the ones who wronged you. ‘Coz in the end, its you who will have a ‘perfect heart’ , its you who has ‘touched somone’s life’ . And trust God, the love you had generously spread, will someday come back to you. In a way better than before. Someday soon.


18 thoughts on “Wipe the tear and smile.. =)

  1. Good presentation but I feel these are just beautiful lines to read and spread…. Life is more haunted than seeing and observing…
    I just pray that one may never Love or if Love never bear the pain of losing… 🙂


  2. trust me i had the same idea of life earlier, n i still agree with you to a certain extent. But such lines do make you feel better. Atleast it makes you forget the pain temporarily and consoles you somehow..
    n 4 that prayer, Amen! Certainly the wounds caused by love seldom heal..

    keep visiting!

  3. GOSH.
    I’ve no words. Your post left me speechless.
    Shugufta, I can relate. I CAN.
    It was TRULY one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen on YouTube and one of the most beautiful posts I read at WP.

    God bless. (:

  4. I read somewhere…It’s funny how people break our heart easily and we can still love them with all the broken pieces:) Can I share this on my blog? (with ur name/link ofcourse) and yea it touched me too;/

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