Hello world!

Finally this lazy procrastinator steps into the world of blogs.! 😀


24 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This journey will take you EXACTLY where you wish to go! =) Destinations, if defined, help the journey to be savoured at each step:) So I would like you to decide the destination of YOUR journey i.e what’s your purpose behind writing/blogging? 🙂

  2. when i write,it’s mostly my subconcious mind that holds the grip over my words.. I can easily get hyped up or depressed,and those are the times when my soul takes over my body and i start to write something that’s right from my heart. That is the stuff which reflects the ‘real’ person behind me.. My purpose behind blogging is simply to achieve a better me..coz the ones who have known me already, have always judged me and formed biased opinions- which seldom gave me the chance to lead to a better me. By blogging,i want to learn from others, and want others to know me for who i am. I want my voice to be heard,and i want to know others too.
    Everybody’s life is FULL of problems,just the angles are different. I want to put myself in others’ shoes and feel the roller coaster ride of their life. So that in the end, i can be thankful to Allah for putting me in situations i can cope up with. (:
    I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but was always a bit hesitant. Finally took the first step last night, and here i am!

  3. nice to read your thoughts……….. a wise friend of mine once said and i quote: “There is no happiness , instead there is either grief or no grief”. So if you want to remain happy ; shun all the sadness around you by trusting the One and Only Creator.

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